Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Working Together, Succeeding Together

Do you watch the real estate flipping shows on TV and think that everything filmed is the real deal? Often think how easy it must be? Many of these programs make flipping properties appear to be a way to get-rich-quick, creating a false reality.

Real estate investing requires alot of learning your market, researching properties, preparing and smart investing techniques to be successful. 

Want to learn what it really takes to be a successful real estate investor?

Every successful person has a mentor. The key to your success is having the right mentor.

Interested in learning how to wholesale homes? How to determine if a property will be a profitable Fix and Flip project? Get started in Buy and Hold real estate for cash flow? Joint venture with proven successful local investors in Air BNB's and Vacation Rentals? Want to learn from and network with local Real Estate Investors? Need a funding source? You don't need to spend thousands with the in-and-out of town gurus. Attend a free information meeting to learn how you can be successful in the local real estate market. Our training provides on-going FACE-TO-FACE mentoring, field training and education classes in our office building. Attend a free meeting and see why we have several Real Estate Agents, Brokers, business owners and out-of-state investors become part of our network. Information meetings are held every Wednesday evening and every Saturday morning at our office located near Sky Harbor Airport.

Click the link to learn more: https://ra253.isrefer.com/go/mesf/gemhunt/